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Thirsting for an illegal race around the city? Its time to get to it this wonderful autumn day and burn some rubber ...and everything in your path swooshing past buildings and running over cars and stop signs. Watch everything burn behind you and push the gas pedal to the floor and set in high gear to make sure everything catches fire. Stop signs are not your friends and in this game you have the opportunity to drive past them and brake than leaving them in a fiery mess. Don’t let birds out speed you in this sharp skills adventure. Go round roundabouts and jump over trampolines all for every watchers eye candy. Make sure you get the most bang from your car and make a show to be remembered. And to get the most of this game , try driving thru as many coins as possible to collect them all and have what to splash on powerful tuning gear.

Date added: 2015-03-18

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Igri gonki

If you like speed , appreciate high quality racing games and do not want to waste your time installing the game , then you've come to the right place ! Igri gonki offers you to develop tremendous speed, equip with powerful engines , shiny wheels and enjoy sparkling in the sun. In order to drive a car or bike, you do not need to risk your life or to wait for the installation , as you can feel all the great charm in just 2 clicks for free. Igri gonki offers a wide variety of cars, bikes and motorcycles, so be sure to find here what will make you enjoyed! You are given the opportunity to participate in the race cars competition with a virtual steering wheel that makes the game attractive and interesting. In igri gonki, you are able to take part in the racing championship between residents different planets or parts of our world . Bright and colorful games with amazing, even 3 d graphics are waiting for you. Such games are addictive, easy to manage and require just the perfection of skill driving, nothing more. As on the highway you will find many obstacles, your task is to drive on the track avoiding collision with different obstacles and crashing other cars. As you progress through the race , igri gonki become increasingly difficult. Going from level to level, you will meet the most incredible obstacles but do not hesitate, challenge yourself and complete the given levels of varying difficulties. Igri gonki are designed in a way that from the very moment of hitting the start button, you will know that your main task is to beat all the cars on your way to become the winner, get a trophy and maximum amount of scores. Push down on the gas and race on the way to our igri gonki that deliver fresh games with beautiful interface and rhythmic music. Hit the streets with your friends or compete with other racers online . Race in tons of different environments and enjoy realistic graphics, panoramic views and responsive controls. The finest landscapes can replace the ordinary building panoramas so go outside and show off your comfortable car with incredible speed , the high quality engines and their sound turn the race into a great performance. Follow the traditional route and drive a sports car on the track or involve in the traffic on a busy , urban course ! Ride around the world to perform cool tricks to drive on the road, and it is not all that you can do here. Igri gonki really look like a mad race among powerful cars. Participate in our games and beat them all to show off your driving abilities on your way. In all of our games you can play online from any computer, from anywhere in the world. The good thing is that you do not need to install and download the game; they are always online and available to you.